Hey Everyone, I am Nadda from New York  and i am an affiliates of many programs for a long time.

The reason I have created this site is to share my experience of business online and give others, who wish to take the same journey, a heads up about how it works.  I will guide you to the best of marketing tools and software…

My Journey

I am a  mum of two children . I was looking for a way to boost the family income whilst staying at home , when I came across many programs with mediocre success since my first child had arrived, and with the forthcoming arrival of my second child I needed something a little less time and space consuming (my spare room was now needed for a nursery, but was currently being used as my stock room!).

In several months since I began my search for homework, I have on average dedicated 15 hours per week, and found some free affiliates programs !then i made money in marketing tools,software and business online…


I am now able to work from home  choosing my own hours (generally after the kid’s bedtime!), stay at home and easily make a good income. If I had more time, I would earn a much higher income . Business online does it work? Well, the answer is yes, and I want to help people like you find the freedom and success it gave me! Since I began this work ,i have introduced many  friends and people to it.

Moving Forwards

Since I began my business ,i have researched and tried out many sites and put together a list of the best marketing tools and software  for you. By these tools you WILL succeed. If you have tried  or you have any questions feel free to comment on this page. I love feedback in any form. I hope you find this site useful and share in my success!

Best Wishes                                         Nadda